And so it begins…

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This is my writer’s blog that I will use to publish a few stories and tease out ideas for others. I may write of something inspired… who knows, it’s going to be a grab bag that I can maybe pull something fun out of it from time to time.

While you read my work there its a good bet that you will find scenes that are homosexual in nature. In these romance-slash-erotic writings you may notice a lack of safe sex practices. In the reality I create with my words, people are honest about disclosure. Remember, I write fiction. It is not reality and should not be taken to mean that unprotected M/M, M/F, F/F sex is without consequences… The honest reality of it is that it has consequences, frequently life altering ones.

My characters relate to sexuality as being a fluid thing… sometimes a same sex attraction is discovered in themselves for the first time. Sometimes they discover a new understanding and tolerance in themselves where it doesn’t matter when someone has a same sex attraction. Whether it’s a sexual awakening or a bromance… it’s a natural part of being a human and that is how I write my characters. So, there is a synopsis before each story that is either a quick blurb or a brief snip-it. So read the synopsis first to see if the story is to your liking. If you have any comments I would love to hear from you

Thank you


Getting closer…

I now have 4 required modules and 2 optional modules of the home inspection course left to do… I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel.

Havencon3 is a wrap!

2017-04-30 10.43.42

Shane Brown did it again, another brilliant year!!! He works so hard to create Havencon as the safe place where the geeky LGBT+ of all ages can be themselves  among their peers without judgement and play powerfully. Thanks Shane!

I feel like this weekend was a guilty indulgence for me. This has been my third year attending the coolest geek-con of them all. Havencon for me began as simply a tag-along associated with a gifted holiday weekend for my Daughter-in-law… where it seemed that I just stood around with my hands in my pockets looking at the various art, the fun shenanigans of the cosplayers, and being introduced to the furry community for the first time. This year, it was all for me where I indulged my inner writer and only barely pacified my inner geek. I mainly attended discussion panels.

“From Fanfiction to Professional Writing” led by authors Brichibi and Snow.

Mon Visage Est Fatigué: Happy Hour with Karin Weekes, Lead Editor for BioWare’s three studios from Edmonton, Alberta; Montreal Quebec, Canada; and Austin, Texas.

“It’s the Start of the World As We Know It”  presented author Barbara Ann Wright.

“The Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Publishing” presented by author Gabrielle Faust.

and curiosity had me attending the only non-writing  themed discussion “Living Polyamorously”  led by Brian Hooper.

Each of the four authors and Ms Weekes had a multitude of wisdom to share, and each had their own unique golden nugget of wisdom. Each are wonderfully gracious and quite engaging.

I found myself in the last discussion panel out of curiosity. It turns out that it was more like an instructional talk which described the various permutations of how it works. I’ve written a couple of stories where there were similar pairings(?), I also found a couple of wise nuggets that will help me as I go forward.

I got an autograph from Denise Crosby (Lt Yar-ST Nextgen… among many others) for Sylvia, and stood at the hotel bar beside Paul Amos (Vex- Lost Girl… among many others)

Many of the vendors and volunteers are so gracious and eager to help. I found several that I could just hang out with and talk for hours if time permitted. It was good to reconnect with vendors, Danny Dang who makes amigurumi characters, and artist Zach Martin again.
thank you, everyone for making the magic.

end of an era

As of last thursday I am unemployed. I had been working there for almost 10 years. I’m bummed, worried, and a little frightened. Money concerns mostly then lack of health insurance runs a close second. Unemployment will not do much, I’m not even sure that it will cover the mortgage.

Oh well… wish me luck.